“I have been living on the frontier since 1853 and I now curse the day when I commenced it.”
-George W. Todd, 1868

Mason Square

The Mason Square Museum provides a self-guided overview of the events and people that formed the history of Mason County, Tx. Exhibits include the geology of the Llano Uplift, fossils & mammoths, Native Americans, German immigrants, Fort Mason, and the HooDoo War. Its all laid out in easy to follow displays that include actual artifacts, tools, and weapons used by those inhabitants of Mason.



Mason County Historical Commission


The Mason County Historical Commission (MCHC) assists the county government and the Texas Historical Commission in preserving, protecting and promoting local historical resources. It identifies and researches historic sites and buildings in the county. The commission also seeks to educate and inform the public about Mason County history through publications, programs, markers and monuments. The MCHC maintains an archive available to historians and researchers located at the Mason County M. Beven Eckert Memorial Library.

“Our river, the Llano, is so very full of fish that you could not imagine it.”
-Franz Kettner, 1853

Mason Square Museum

Experiences & Exhibits

“I was an Indian, and I did not like them because they were palefaces.”
– Herman Lehmann on reuniting with his family

Mason County Historical Commission

Preservation & Research

Other Historic Mason Locations

All these great venues are within Mason city limits



Open 24hrs. The museum houses hundreds of artifacts and Staged vignettes depicting life on a frontier post in the mid-19th Century.

The Seaquist House

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Begun in 1887, this historic home listed on the National Register of Historic Places is available for scheduled tours once a month.

Mason County Museum


The 2nd Floor of the old Mason Grammar school is dedicated to preserving artifacts from the early pioneers who first settled this area.

Eckert Memorial Library

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The Mason County M. Beven Eckert Memorial Library in addition to being a fully functional library, has displays about prominent local authors.

The Odeon Theater


Established in 1928, the Odeon Theater continues to provide Mason with first run movies every weekend as well as monthly live music performances.